Hapblaques Trench

Halfling Rogue, Knight of the Citadel, Servant of Shadow


41yo Male Halfling lvl 1 Rogue
2’-8", 33lbs, White Skin, White Hair, Crimson Eyes
Alignment = Chaotic Neutral

Current EXP = 320

AC = 16 (flat footed = 13)
HP = 6
Initiative = +3
Base Attack Bonus = +1 Melee Weapon, +2 Throwing Weapon
Spell Resistance = +2 vs Fear
Grapple = +1
Speed = 20 feet (4 spaces)


Strength = 10 (0)
Dexterity = 16 (3)
Constitution = 10 (0)
Intelligence = 12 (
Wisdom = 12 (+1)
Charisma = 11 (0)

Saving Throws

Fortitude = 1
Reflex = 5
Will = 1

Feats / Special Abilities

Point Blank
Sneak Attack
Sense Demons


Balance +3
Climb +2
Decipher Script +3
Disable Device +5
Escape Artist +3
Forgery +3
Gather Info +4
Hide +7
Jump +2
Listen +7
Move Silently +9
Open Lock +7
Ride +3
Search +5
Sense Motive +3
Sleight of Hand +3
Spot +5
Pick Pocket +3
Read Lips +3

Weapons / Gear

Attack = +1, Damage = 1d4, Critical = 19-20 x2
Range = 5ft (1 Space), Type = Slashing
If sneak add 1d6

Throwing Knives
Attack = + 6 (2 base, 1 PBS, 3 DEX) Feat, Damage = 1d4 +1 (PBS Feat), Critical = 20 x2
Range = 30ft (6 spaces), Type = Piercing
Ammunition = 8ea
If sneak add 1d6

Leather Armor (Light Armor, + 2 AC)
Daily Rations (2)
Water Skin
Flint & Steel
Torches (2)
Rope (30ft)
Ink, Quill, Parchment
Grappling Hook
Smoke Stick (2)
Thieves Tools
Climbers Kit
Gold (5d4)


Knight of the Citadel

Servant of the Shadow

As an albino, Hapblaques never found himself able to fit into a society in which every other member of his race had the same general appearance. Where his clans-people were dark, ruddy, and warm-colored, Hapblaques was the opposite- Pale as quartz, with hair like silver and eyes like carnelian (his mother even commented on his unusual and exotic appearance, calling him her ‘precious gem’). In every aspect of his life and at every stage of development he had trouble acclimating; his vastly different appearance made him stand out, causing him great difficulty in forming bonds, making friends, and functioning normally in society.

As he aged he became increasingly more ostracized, both by others and by his own choosing. He tended to hide in shadows and over-sized clothes to hide his perceived deformity. He was nearly mute, preferring not to interact with others and draw their confused and pitying stares (as a child this solemnity and his mother’s nickname for him drew another moniker from his peers- Stoneboy). Dark corners and shadowy rafters became his closest companions. He honed his skills in disappearing from right under people’s noses, in being invisible in plain sight, and in being silent in a crowd.

Gaining his invisibility gave him access to something he did not anticipate- secrets. He found himself privy to great deals of personal and political information from parties that knew nothing of his presence in their vicinity. He was able to study people- not only his own, but also travelers, entertainers, scholars, warriors, and treasure hunters- and their skills. Their knowledge unknowingly became his.

It was in this manner, silently stealing the secrets of others, that he first heard of the Servants of Shadow. Through stolen snippets of conversation and spied scraps of correspondence he learned of their organization and their purpose in the world, and realized that there might be places that he would be not only welcome, but also accepted. Armed with this assertion and having gained enough information to find the nearest temple location, he left his clan lands. The Servants folded him into their ranks easily and he found his niche quickly- uncovering things that others wanted to hide. He has reached a point in his service that allows him to go into the world with his skills to uphold the Shadow where he sees the need.

Hapblaques Trench

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