The Citadel

A training facility created and maintained jointly by both the temples of light and shadow.


Dedicated to protecting the elemental balance between light and shadow by pairing and training Elemental Knights.


Unknown (far enough away that you had to travel to our starting town by ship)


Centuries ago, a powerful Drow Shadow Priest, Jard’l, was able to commune with an ancient and powerful spirit, Naz Harak. Over the course of several years Naz Harak corrupted Jard’l and was eventually able to cross the void and take control of his mind and body. Through him, Naz Harak used Drow Assassins called the Whispers to destroy the High Elven city of ……. After which Jard’l harvested the souls of the High Elves slain and let loose an undead plague that threatened to consume the world.

The Servants of the Shadow Temple knew that they alone did not have the power to stand against this unholy foe. With the remaining High Elves scattered and leaderless, they turned to Lord Oliver and the Paladins of Light for assistance. The two temples set aside their differences and fought together against this undead plague and eventually defeated Naz Harak.

Afterwards, the heads of both temples saw the merits in combining forces and so built the Citadel. They also formed “the pact” which instituted strict laws governing the practice of spirit communion.

The Citadel

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