Felgar the Black


Dragons were thought to have been long since extinct until the black dragon Felgar emerged during the early years of the Orc Wars. Felgar the Black had an insatiable hunger for blood and destruction, and most believe that it was the growing conflict that drew him across the sea like a moth to the flame.

Felgar announced his presence in Alaysia by destroying the Ivory Halls of the Valkyrie. With the only threat to his air superiority now scattered he began to lay waste to the various kingdoms of Men, Elves, and Dwarves. in a matter of weeks, Felgar rounded up the many Orc tribes and forged them into one vast horde.

Felgar the Black led this Orc horde in an invasion into the heart of Alaysia until Lord Rugen Mortimer, leader of the Paladins of Light and High Commander of the Citadel, brought down the mighty beast on the summit of Mount Arynth along with the help of the remaining Valkyrie.

Immediately after the death of Felgar, the Orc horde broke and retreated back to the Red Waste where they were pursued and finally defeated at the gates of Krasterok. Soon after the Treaty of ……. was signed bringing about the end of the Orc Wars.

Felgar the Black

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