The Drow


One of the three immortal races of Elves, ruled by the Queen Juvek’l

Devout Servants of the Shadow and original guardians of the Temple of Eternal Shadow. In exile from Alaysia under penalty of death for the last 8 centuries.

Being immortal, the Drow’s cultural understanding of death is quite different from other races. They believed that they had transcended the path of mortality and had achieved god-like status. Because of this, the Drow believed that they were able to pass judgment and death as they see fit. None more proficiently deadly than the Drow guild of assassins named “The Whispers.”


The Whispers were a guild of assassins that have long been the “dirty little secret” of the Servants of the Shadow. They operated in almost total secrecy within the Servants, seeking power and influence throughout the land by eliminating not only those they were contracted to kill, but any that that stood in their way. The Whispers never made a move for overt power within the Servants, content to rule in secrecy through the Shadow Priests, whom were often selected from within the Whispers themselves. It was not until the corruption of the Shadow Mage Jard’ar, that the Whispers felt able to come forward under his command, believing the time had come for the Drow to claim supreme power over the Elven kingdoms of Alaysia.

Their first target was the Sanctum of Clearspire, ancestral home of the High Elves. On the eve of the Elven Winter Solstice holiday of Aelya, the Drow attacked knowing that most of the High Elves would have journeyed to the city for the ceremony. The Whispers first assassinated the High Elven council using their newly found ability to shadow meld. They removed the barriers to the city, allowing Jard’ar and the host of Drow warriors at his back to enter and slaughter every inhabitant of the city as they roused from sleep. The massacre left the immortal High Elves scattered and leaderless on the brink of extinction.

Before the Drow could strike further into the Kingdoms of Alaysia, the Servants of the Shadow revolted against Jard’ar’s rule and joined with the Paladins of Light, who lead the united forces of Men and Elves. Jard’ar was defeated and the entire Drow race was exiled from Alaysia under penalty of death.

The legends turned to myth as the Drow and Whispers were forgotten. Fictional tales of silent shadows that wielded cold blades were told in dark taverns. Mothers cautioned naughty children to be wary of the shadowy figures who struck in the night with no mercy for the fools that happened to cross their path.

The Drow

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